Lake Myvatn - A lot to discover

Mývatn is a volcanic and shallow lake in northern Iceland. On the northeastern shore, Reykjahlíð village has an information center and is a base for exploring the area. East of here, Mývatn Nature Baths have a naturally heated man-made lagoon, with mineral-rich waters known for their health-giving properties. A short distance away, near Námafjall M...

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Dyrholaey - Infinity

Dyrhólaey, formerly known by seamen as Cape Portland, is a small promontory located on the south coast of Iceland, not far from the village Vík. In fact, Dyrhólaey is the southernmost point in mainland Iceland. It was formerly an island of volcanic origin, which is also known by the Icelandic word eyja meaning island.Once you are on top in the high...

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Heinabergslón Glacier Lagoon

Heinabergslón is a less popular, and less known, glacial lagoon than its more famous counterpart, Jökulsárlón, but equally as beautiful.One of the major reasons as to why Heinabergslón is less visited is because it is found off the beaten path, requiring a short hike to reach it.This is in stark contrast to Jökusárlón, which can be found directly b...

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Askja - Unearthly

The famous Askja Caldera in the Dyngjufjoll Mountains – is located on the northern side of the Vatnajökull National Park. Askja is a 50 square kilometers subsidence cauldron formed when a lava chamber just under the surface of the earth emptied in a volcanic eruption and the roof above it collapsed. In fact, Askja consists of three interlinked caul...

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Arnarstapi - Silence

Arnarstapi was an important trading post in the past and had a much bigger population than it has now.Columnar basalt, ravines and grottoes surround the Arnarstapi pier. There is good anchorage for small boats.There is quite a large arctic tern colony in the village itself. A walk along the coastline is recommended to watch the birds and the magnif...

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Skogafoss - The big white Curtain

Skógafoss is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland, located in the southern parts. Skógafoss is easy to access from a big parking in front of the base of the waterfall. This waterfall belongs to one of the most visited waterfalls of Iceland and is a must to see when traveling through Iceland.Skogafoss is an easy to reach waterfall located...

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Haifoss - An impressive spectacle

Háifoss í Fossá (mostly called Haifoss) is the second highest waterfall of Iceland, after Glymur, with a single drop of 122 meters.  Haifoss is situated in the South of Iceland not far from the Volcano Hekla. From the view point you can also see another impressive waterfall next to Haifoss called Granni. GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND HAIFOSS O...

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Axlarfoss - A diamond in the Highlands

Axlarfoss or Axlafoss is a waterfall in the river Hólmsá with a total drop of approximately 8 meters. The waterfall is situated in the south of Iceland, northeast of the glacier Mýrdalsjökull and covers an area of 595 km2. From road you have top take road F208 to the north for 9 kilometers and then take the exit to the F210. Drive on for 24 kilomet...

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Dettifoss - The Powerful

​Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Iceland and is very impressive to see with a width of 100 m and a height of 44 meter. The name Dettifoss means something like "the collapsing waterfall". When standing in front of the waterfall you know why it is named Detifoss. Dettifoss is located along the Diamond Circle in the Northeast of Iceland, a...

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Kvernufoss - Lush and Green

Kvernufoss is a gorgeous waterfall in the south of Iceland near Skogar along road 1.From road 1, in the south of Iceland, take the exit to Skogar, leading to the Skógar Museum. Go straight ahead to hotel Edda and the museum. Park the car at the Skógar Museum.From the museum walk east, along the hangar, towards the river. You have to climb over a fe...

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Dyrholaey - The splendid cape

The small peninsula, or promontory, Dyrhólaey is located on the south coast of Iceland, not far from the village Vík. It was formerly an island of volcanic origin, which is also known by the Icelandic word eyja meaning island. GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND DYRHOLAEY ON GOOGLE MAP

Öxarárfoss - A sacred meeting place

Öxarárfoss is an astonishing beautiful waterfall in the national park Thingvellir. It was artificially build in the Middle Ages to have water at the sacred meeting place Thingvellir.It is one of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland. In Thingvellir National Park there are all kinds of basalt rock formations. A short walk from the parking lot brings you...

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Reynisfiara - The black sand beach

Reynisfjara is a world-famous black-sand beach found on the South Coast of Iceland, just beside the small fishing village of Vík í Mýrdal.With its enormous basalt stacks, roaring Atlantic waves and stunning panoramas, Reynisfjara is widely considered to be the most beautiful example of Iceland's black sand beaches. In 1991, National Geographic vote...

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Fossalar - Fast and Furious

Fossálar is a rather smaller waterfall. But thanks to its vicinity to the Ring road and photogenic exposure, it is quite popular stop for photographers.You can find Fossálar just next to the Ring Road about 16 kilometers (10 miles) north east from Kirkjubæjarklaustur. GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND FOSSALAR ON GOOGLE MAP

Hrafnabjargafoss - a hidden Secret

Hrafnabjargafoss is a waterfall in the north of Iceland in one of the largest rivers in Iceland Skjálfandafljót.Hrafnabjargafoss waterfall is one of the hidden secrets of Þingeyjarsveit County and is found a few kilometers further south of Goðafoss in the same river. From Aldeyjarfoss continue to drive along the same road you came in on (842). This...

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Ofaerufoss - The fire Canyon

Ófærufoss is a distinctive two-tiered waterfall in the Nydri-Ófæru river which falls into Eldgjá Canyon (fire canyon). A natural stone arch once spanned the top of the lower falls until 1993, when it fell into the river during the spring thaw.From Northern Fjallabaksleið it is possible to drive into Eldgjá and walk from there to the Ófærufoss. Eldg...

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Kolufossar - The amazing Waterfall and the unique Gorge

Iceland has many beautiful and famous waterfalls. The Kolufossar is a lesser known, but a visit is well worth the effort. Kolufossar is a waterfall with a height of 8 meters in the river Víðiðalsá/Vididalsá.On the south side of peninsula Vatsnes in Northern Iceland, you can take exit 715 from the ring road. At the T-splliting you drive then towards...

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Bruarfoss - The big Blue Waterfall

Brúarfoss is also called the blue waterfall and means "bridge over waterfall". The river Brúará flows down over 2-3 meter and ends in a U shape slot. The waterfall is very photogenic because of this shape and the blue color of the water.Take road 1 up to Mosfellsbær. Turn into road 36 to Þingvellir. From there take road 365 to Laugarvatn and in add...

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Gullfoss - The magical Cascades

Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. Together with Þingvellir and Geysir, Gullfoss forms the Golden Circle, a popular day tour for tourists in Iceland. Gullfoss means "the golden fall".From Reykjavik to Gulfoss it is a 115 kilometer drive to the east.Gullfoss can be reached by two sides of the river. The easiest and m...

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Godafoss - The waterfall of the Gods

Goðafoss is one of the most visited waterfall in Iceland and means fall of the gods. Goðafoss is situated in the North of Iceland, near Myvatn in the region Norðurland, Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla. You can reach Goðafoss from road 1 (500 meter) and is easy accessible. A car park is in front of the waterfall. Goðafoss is only 12 meter high but with a wide ...

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Hraunfossar - The Jewel in Autumn

Hraunfossar is a waterfall in the river Hvítá í Borgarfirði (white river). The river has its source in the Lava Field Hallmundarhraun and is white because it is melting water from the glacier Langjökull and transports sediment that has a gray to light milky color.Hraunfossar means lava waterfall and is definitely one of the most beautiful waterfall...

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Studlagil - The mesmerizing canyon

In the valley Jökuldalur (Glacier Valley) in East Iceland there is a marvellous natural site that almost nobody knew about until recently. For a long time it was hidden under water or until the hydroelectric plant Kárahnjúkavirkjun was built and the waterflow in the glacier river Jökulsá á Dal, a.k.a. Jökla, was extremely reduced. This marvel is th...

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Selfoss - The wall of Waterfalls

Selfoss is a nice and beautiful waterfall in the North of Iceland. With a height of appr. 10 meters not the highest waterfall in the area but quit impressive to see.Selfoss is located in Iceland's second largest river Jökulsá Fjollum (206 kilometers) fed by the glacier Vatnajökull. The muddy water squeezes itself through a narrow canyon with an ave...

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Seljalandsfoss - The Tall Fountain

Seljalandsfoss is located in the South Region in Iceland right by Route 1 and the road that leads to Þórsmörk Road 249.  The waterfall drops 60 m and is part of the Seljalands River that has its origin in the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull. Visitors can walk behind the falls into a small cave. GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND SELJALANDSFOSS ON ...

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Dynjandi - Roaring Thunder

Dynjandi is a big waterfall located at the Arnarfjörður (Westfjord) in the region Vestfirðir, Iceland.The Dynjandi walking trail can be found at the westfjords along road 60. From road 1 take the exit to Búðardalur (road 60) and follow the road for 250 kilometer. You can't miss the parking at Dynjandi waterfall. Although it is a long detour from ro...

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Stjornarfoss - The unique Shape

A beautiful location, beautiful surroundings and an even nicer waterfall. It is not the height which makes this waterfall unique - it is its shape, the rocks and the surrounding area. The waterfall is not far from the ring road, so here turn to view it. It is located near Kirkjubæjarklaustur, about 1 km from the petrol station by the camping place ...

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Folaldafoss - At the mountain pass

The Folaldafoss is a waterfall in the East of Iceland and is clearly visible from road 939 (Öxi) and is also accessible for 2WD. Öxi is a mountain pass between Skriddalur and Berurfjordur. The road is rough and lies in curves and small bridges. On the way is much to see, waterfalls in all formats, high cliffs and well grown areas. When driving on r...

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Aldeyjarfoss - A magical experience

Aldeyjarfoss is a waterfall 85 kilometers south of Husavik along road F26 (Sprengisandsleið or Sprengisandur), a road that leads through the Highlands and ends on road 1 in the southwest, not far from Hvolsvöllur. From Goðafoss follow the road along the west bank of Skjalfandafljót River past the farm called Mýri where the road makes a sharp left h...

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Skutafoss and the Cave

Most people miss it, but it is a great place for a stop and possible picnic. And there is a small easily accessible cave behind the waterfall.Skútafoss in on the Icelandic South Coast bit away from all its hustle and bustle. If you are driving on the Ring Road anti clockwise, than it is 6 kilometers (4 miles) behind the tunnel close to Höfn. GUIDED...

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Svartifoss and the unique basalt columns

Information  Svartifoss is a waterfall in the south of Iceland in Skaftafell/Vatnajökull National Park, a popular touristic site to visit. A lot of people do a roundtrip in Iceland taking the ring road 1. Driving from Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Hofn (in the south) you see a yellow sign for Skaftafell (2 km) where the trail to Svartifoss begins. Th...

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Kirkjufellsfoss and the witches Hat

This is one of Iceland's most popular waterfalls and for good reason, it is absolutely beautiful and the neighboring Kirkjufell Mounain is stunning as well. Parking is very difficult here so I would recommend allowing plenty of time for a visit. GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND KIRKJUFELLSFOSS ON GOOGLE MAP

Slaedufoss - Serenity

Slæðufoss is a waterfall in a sideriver of the Jökulsá á Fljótsdal called Laugará and is about 5 meters high and means Veil. Slæðufoss is located in the east of Iceland near mount Snæfell, 1 kilometer south of another beautiful waterfall Faxi. Faxi is a beautiful scenic waterfall, one of the more photogenic waterfalls in Iceland. Therefore worthwhi...

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Vestrahorn - The magical Mountain

Vestrahorn is a mountain located in South East Iceland. It is 454 m high with spiky peaks. Vesturhorn is best viewed from the Stokksnes peninsula. It is one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland.  At the base of Vestrahorn is a lagoon and black beaches. At Stokksnes one can see black sand dunes with vegetation and grass. The black beac...

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Diamond Beach - An Epic Experience

​The Diamond Beach is a black volcanic sand beach located by the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon on the South Coast of Iceland where icebergs from the Breidamerkurjokull glacier drift ashore. GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND DIAMOND BEACH ON GOOGLE MAP

Jökulsarlon - Glacier Lagoon

Jokulsarlon (Jökulsárlón) is known to many simply as Iceland's ice lagoon thanks to its appearances in two James Bond movies, as well as one of the Tomb Raider films.  This dramatic and surreal location was chosen for a reason, as there is nowhere else on Earth quite like it!  GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND JÖKULSARLON ON GOOGLE MAP

Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Fjallsárlón is a glacier lake at the south end of the Icelandic glacier Vatnajökull. Fjallsjökull which is part of the bigger glacier reaches down to the water of the lake and some ice-bergs are drifting by on its surface.  GUIDED PHOTO TOURS IN ICELAND FJALLSARLON ON GOOGLE MAP

Holtsos - Reflections

Holtsós, sometimes anglicised as Holtsos, is a tidal lagoon south of Eyjafjallajökull in south Iceland. It is fed by the Holtsá river and separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow strip of sand.  It is approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) long by 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) wide and approximately 2 metres (6.6 ft) deep at its deepest point. GUIDE...

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