Ofaerufoss - The fire Canyon

Ófærufoss is a distinctive two-tiered waterfall in the Nydri-Ófæru river which falls into Eldgjá Canyon (fire canyon). A natural stone arch once spanned the top of the lower falls until 1993, when it fell into the river during the spring thaw.From Northern Fjallabaksleið it is possible to drive into Eldgjá and walk from there to the Ófærufoss. Eldg...

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Kolufossar - The amazing Waterfall and the unique Gorge

Iceland has many beautiful and famous waterfalls. The Kolufossar is a lesser known, but a visit is well worth the effort. Kolufossar is a waterfall with a height of 8 meters in the river Víðiðalsá/Vididalsá.On the south side of peninsula Vatsnes in Northern Iceland, you can take exit 715 from the ring road. At the T-splliting you drive then towards...

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Studlagil - The mesmerizing canyon

In the valley Jökuldalur (Glacier Valley) in East Iceland there is a marvellous natural site that almost nobody knew about until recently. For a long time it was hidden under water or until the hydroelectric plant Kárahnjúkavirkjun was built and the waterflow in the glacier river Jökulsá á Dal, a.k.a. Jökla, was extremely reduced. This marvel is th...

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